To support the conference, donate to IOSEA

The IOSEA (International Organisation for Science and Engineering in Africa) is a nonprofit, educational, scientific and cultural association, registered in France (Metz, Moselle). The IOSEA with its members is the main organizer of the ICEASSM’2019. It can receive grants and donations from public supporting organizations and private people. Notably, it endeavors:

  • to networking scientists involved in institutions in the field of such as educational, research, companies and administrations;
  • to develop suitable training, international cooperation and sustainable projects to meet the scientific and engineering challenges in Africa;
  • to reinforce its partners capacity in Africa through training and skills development.

Sponsors and exhibitors of ICEASSM’19 will benefit from exposure to academics and industry professionals, decision‐makers, engineers, researchers and students involved in the field of sciences and engineering. The sponsors’ brands will be associated to this international event and thus will benefit from the exposure to up‐to‐date research, latest technological innovations and emerging investment opportunities in Africa.